my WALK with GOD today – 10


One of my best friends sent this story to encourage me:

When I began this series, I hoped to end it with lots of answers and a specific plan. There were blanks in my story I wanted filled.

And yet, I stared at the ceiling the other night with many of the same questions going through my mind. “What will happen next? What does God want me to do? What about…?”

In the quiet of the night, a whisper came to my heart, wrapped itself around my worries…

You don’t need to know what, you only need to know Who.

Just like that, I realized this journey wasn’t about what I imagined.

Yes, we’re to understand our past, who we are, and where God may wants us to go in the future.

Yet ultimately it’s not about us, it’s about Him.

Our role in the story is to say “yes” to what God asks of us each day.

As we do, our story unfolds as He plans…

word by word, line by line, page by page, all the way to

The End.

🙂 eva kristiaman