my WALK with GOD today – 15

What is time?

People think they know time. Do they really know it? Do I know time?

Yesterday I watched a film, “Dear John” played by Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried.

The film got me thinking about time. To give you an idea what I mean by that… It has been more that one year, my one and precious daughter has gone to college overseas. We will meet her from time to time, when she comes home in summer holidays, or when we visit her in the States, or somewhere in this hemisphere.  However, the time we had before or in the future will be different. The time she now spend away from me, makes my daughter grows in the way that I know we are no longer big enough for her. Her horizon expand as she learns new things, meet more friends, go places and see more cultures and opportunities. We can’t contain her anymore.

Time moves and changes everyone.  So much about what time will do in our relationship with our daughter, how about time with our spouse?  We stay married for 24 years now and we have no idea how much time we have left to spend with each other. One thing I do know, I can’t take time for granted anymore. One of us will no longer be together when the Creator calls.

One thing I know though, I live on borrowed time. And how I am going to write my life story with the time I have with my spouse? Only time will tell how wise or unwise I am with the borrowed time.

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