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Monday 03-03-08

During lunch break at the training centre today, the lady cleaner came to do her bit.  With her typical African broom (a bundle of straws tied together), she started vigorously dealing with the rubbish and dirt that was scattered around.  Before long she stopped and then got several litres of water, sprinkled it all over the carpet (thin matting) then commenced sweeping again.  When the guys came back after lunch I asked them what it was for and the answer was to keep the dust down.  Pretty obvious really.  I had wanted to ask the lady, but thought I might have choked on the question – not because of the dust, it was all stuck to the carpet, but because it seemed like such a crazy thing to do.  She didn’t speak English anyway.  Once the carpet dried out the dust was free once again to waft about the place as we walked on it.

When we were training in Ghana in 2005, some people would have a rest after lunch and this was referred to as a Burkina Break, because in Burkina Faso they have a siesta every day.  I gather that everything closes until 2 or 3 pm and then it all starts happening again.  The guys in Ghana would joke about this Burkina Break and if someone was really out to it, they would say that he had gone to Mali (which is beyond Burkina).  Esaie, who is from Burkina Faso (maybe it should be Burkina Sofa) is finding it really hard after lunch – he struggles to stay awake.  So we try and make sure that things are more stimulating or active then.  A man from Burkina Faso is known as a Burkinabe, which is Son of Burkina.  And Burkina means ‘honourable person’ or words to that effect.

– kim knight

to be continued…