my WALK with GOD today – 11

I have just sit on the chair, when a cute three years old girl with a long pony tail captured my attention. She stood facing  her Mom and leaned her body on her Mom’s lap. Her beautiful eyes looked at and examined her Mom’s face. Her Mom sit on the chair near the aisle, two rows in the front of my row. Then she raised her right hand and wiped gently the tears on her Mom’s cheeks and eyes with a tissue in her hand. She stopped, examined and did it again, and then she raised her two arms and hugs her Mom’s tightly for several seconds. She loosen her arms from her Mom’s neck, and gave her a sweet gentle smile. She looked to her Mom’s face to make sure she felt better, and she smiled to her Mom, so sweet, so gentle, and sincere. What a beautiful message! … a live wonderful pantomime from a beautiful little heart who spoke to my heart… touched and blessed my heart amazingly in the beginning of the Sunday service.

🙂 eva kristiaman