Smile… :) – 4

I saw an amazing thing today!  The building we are doing our training in is a rehabilitation centre for blind people.  I followed one of them up the road after we finished our work and saw him waiting by the side of the main road at the top of the hill – looking as though he was going to cross it.  I presumed he was actually waiting there for a taxi,
but then I could see that he was listening intently to the traffic. After a few minutes, his ears told him that there was a break – nothing coming up the hill (they usually make a fair bit of noise coming up) and nothing coming down (they often just quietly coast down).  Anyway, my eyes told me he was right.  He held out his white walking stick and bravely marched across in safety.  He was wearing a long white gown and had a white cap on, so he could be seen quite easily.  He also had his hand held up as a last line of defense.  People often do that if they are crossing a busy road – hold their hand up as they negotiate the lines of traffic.  I often wonder if there are drivers who would run you over if you didn’t have your hand up???

There’s also a small school at the centre, full of very energetic little kids.  At lunch time the girls sing and dance together, while the boys (World Cup soccer hopefuls) kick an empty water bottle up and down the parking area.

– kim knight

to be continued…