my WALK with GOD today – 28

HE already knew what HE was going to do

When the Lord allows me to face a situation that seems an impossible one for me, He graciously would ask me to answer His question. His purpose is to involve me as His partner to find the best solution.

It doesn’t mean that He also saw the problem through my lenses, and had the same opinion as mine. It does mean that He wants me to see the problem through His lenses, so that I will have the same opinion as His.

It doesn’t mean that He didn’t know the answer yet. It does mean that He already knew what He is going to do, He is testing me.

His question will help me to go through a very significant process, that will stretch me to know His ways and His way of thinking, and get valuable insights and understanding. WISDOM. It is the main purpose He has for me.

He said “WE”, it means He and me. “Don’t be afraid. I am here!” He is with me always. As long as He is with me, everything would be okay. FAITH.

“impossible for me” means it is His portion not mine. So I just bring what I have had in my hands to Him. He did the miracle for me, to help me to adore Him more deeply. And to follow Him because I understood the miraculous signs. I want to be with Him because I know Him. KNOWING HIM.

“As it is written in the Scriptures,‘They will all be taught by God.’ Everyone who listens to the Father and learns from him comes to me.” John 6:45/NLT

🙂 eva kristiaman


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