my WALK with GOD today – 24

Following HIM and Flowing with HIM

I build a good and strong relationship base on TRUST. I maintain the good and strong relationship and make it better and stronger by keep trusting and can be trusted. When I keep trusting in God because He can be trusted, I keep building a better relationship with Him by knowing Him and experiencing His Word is TRUE. The more I knowing Him the more I know His Will and His Ways, and it makes me know how to do what is right, and to keep doing what is right. Following HIM  and flowing with HIM.

So TRUE what I read today: Although Abram had been demonstrating his faith through his actions, it was his belief in the Lord, not his actions, that made Abram right with God. We, too, can have a right relationship with God by trusting him. Our outward actions-church attendance, prayer, good deeds-will not by themselves make us right with God. A right relationship is based on faith–the heartfelt inner confidence that God is who he says he is and does what he says he will do. Right actions will follow naturally as by-products.-LASB

“And Abram believed the LORD, and the LORD counted him as righteous because of his faith.”-NLT

🙂 eva kristiaman